“John was my drum teacher, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! He was patient and supportive and has an excellent knowledge of music theory, music tech and drum techniques. The skills he taught have helped me through my BA Commercial Music degree.”

Owen, teacher and sound engineer.

“John is an outstanding teacher and helped me grasp a whole range of musical genres from jazz to progressive metal during my BA degree. He introduced me to the realms of orchestral percussion – something which was entirely new to me at that point in my career and provided me with a deep understanding of percussion within a wide variety of contexts, including in orchestras, big bands, smaller ensembles, and solo performances. His teaching, moreover, helped me secure a first-class degree, and provided me with the necessary skills to pursue postgraduate study and move into the workplace.

“In academic and performance terms, John has a truly Stakhanovite work ethic, which he combines with real intellectual originality and curiosity, a technical excellence, and genuine energy and enthusiasm. These truly shone throughout my time as his student and aided in my development as a percussionist and professional.”

James, PhD candidate.